Plumbing Division

Nu-Mun Contracting is a complete plumbing contractor that provides residential, commercial, industrial and specialized installations. We are able to install from engineered drawings, or do complete design build plumbing systems for any size project, complete with engineering stamps, inspections and approvals. All plumbing installations are designed to meet or exceed code, or local requirements. We work with the customer to provide the best installation within budget and schedule.

We employ only journeymen and registered apprentices to ensure our standards are met and that the skill and knowledge of our tradesmen show in every job we do.

We have access to numerous plumbing fixture lines to ensure that your bathroom, kitchen, or any space you choose will look exactly the way you want. From regular round toilets, to wall mount electronically controlled with heated seats, and integral bidet toilets.

Hot water, no one pays attention to hot water until you run out, or the hot water tank breaks. We can replace an ageing tank with a new one of the same size or bigger. We have the tank you need, from conventional vent tanks, to power direct hot water tanks that will put out over 750 gallons per hour, that’s 12.5 gallons of HOT water per minute!



Our plumbers are able to work on: heating systems, baseboard radiant, cast iron radiators, fan coils, in floor radiant, snow melt, in ceiling radiant, in wall radiant, radiant cooling, humidity control, and more. We have installed, designed, and serviced all of it. We use Uponor Controls, pipe and headers, a large variety of boilers, with the most efficient and quiet pumps and systems. Our goal is for you to be comfortable and never realize it!

With nearly 1 million feet of in floor installed over 25 years, we have the experience to ensure that your system works perfectly. Snowmelt: Never shovel your driveway again. A regular size residential driveway can be snow free for as little as $12 per day using the latest in snow melting technologies.

Greenpeace approved piping; Aquatherm is a piping system we use for potable water and boiler systems. The piping is not only approved by Greenpeace, but is 100% recyclable.